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Lockout/Tagout Training

Need online Lockout/Tagout training? Whether you are an individual, safety training manager, or a business owner our easy to use online training programs can get operators OSHA compliant quickly. You don’t want to waste time, and this course can get you or your workers fully compliant in just over one hour. This wheel loader course is designed to instruct the student [...]

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Keeping Record Of Daily Inspections

Even though equipment might undergo annual inspections and load testing for proper certification, it is important to perform and keep record of regular inspections yourself. Arxcis safety training includes information on how to perform daily checks on your equipment to ensure working conditions for safe use. Make sure to keep a daily maintenance record with your [...]

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ARXCIS, INC. PRESENTS:  FULL DAY - RIGGER/SIGNALMAN SAFETY CLASS  March 1st, 2017    8am-4pm Location: 26292 Lindvog RD NE, Kingston, WA 98346 Price per student:  $250.00   About this course: WAC 296-155 Part L requires that Riggers and Signal Persons be trained for the job they are required to do and qualified through a written and [...]

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Featured Safety Product – Bucket Truck Training Kit

Bucket Truck Training Kit Looking for a cost effective and convenient way to offer bucket truck training for your employees or customers? Our bucket truck training program (available on USB Drive, or via Instant Download) provides simple instructions with all the tools necessary to train and certify your bucket truck operators for OSHA compliance. Years of knowledge and experience have gone [...]

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Knuckle Boom Training – Featured Safety Course

Our online knuckle boom truck training provides a quick, simple and effective way to get yourself or your workers OSHA compliant. We’ve been providing knuckle boom truck training solutions for individuals, safety managers and business owners for over 15 years. Also called articulated boom trucks, folding cranes, knuckle cranes, or drywall cranes. Our course covers knuckle cranes [...]

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Pedestal Crane Training – Safety Product Of The Day

Looking for a cost effective and convenient way to offer pedestal crane training for your employees or customers? Our pedestal crane training program (available on USB Drive, or via Instant Download) provides simple instructions with all the tools necessary to train and certify your pedestal crane operators for OSHA compliance. Years of knowledge and experience have gone into creating this pedestal [...]

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Crane Rigger Signalperson – Hand Signals

Crane Rigger Signalperson - Hand Signals It is frustrating during crane operations when it becomes apparent that someone involved is unfamiliar with standard hand signals. Here are a few things to keep in mind: • A standard hand signal chart is required to be posted in the area where crane operations are being conducted. • [...]

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Pedestal Cranes – Lifting Personnel – Maritime

Lifting personnel Using Pedestal Cranes Personnel transfer devices, such as Billy Pugh’s, used to transfer personnel from one vessel to another must be load rated and built and used according to industry standards.  The following OSHA guidelines should be observed when using such devices: 1- A qualified person shall ascertain that each employee has been [...]

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Crane Operator Training Prevents Accidents

Crane Operator Training There are always certain inherent dangers when working with and around cranes which can be broken down into two categories: crane hazards; and rigging hazards.  Crane hazards include: overloading; two-blocking; poor load control; crane deficiencies; and hoisting personnel.  Rigging hazards include: rigging failure; unsecured loads; poor communication; and not securing the area [...]

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