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Full Day – Rigger/Signalman Safety Class

Location: Kingston, WA    Time: 8am-4PM                Price: $250.00 per student

About this course:

WAC 296-155 Part L requires that Riggers and Signal Persons be trained for the job they are required to do and qualified through a written and a practical test.  Arxcis will be offering an 8-hour Basic Rigger/Signalperson training to assist companies training and qualifying their employees.

The class will consist of:

  • 6 most common hazards working around cranes
  • Crane communication: Hand, voice and audible signals
  • How to determine the weight of the load
  • Calculating stresses in slings
  • Lifting a load: Pick points, center of gravity and tag lines
  • Types of slings, use and inspection: Flat slings, round slings, wire rope slings and chain.
  • Below the hook lifting gear: Shackles, eyebolts, lifting beams, etc.
  • Written test
  • Practical test

If you would like to sign up for this class or have any questions, please contact our office.

PHONE: (360) 297-3693     E-MAIL: INFO@ARXCIS.COM

Note: If you are unable to attend, we have online training courses , or “do it yourself” training kit options for Rigger/Signalman.